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Strive Football Group, the leading private owner and operator of football clubs and academies, adds K.F.C. Mandel United to its portfolio

Strive Football Group pursues its global expansion with the acquisition of a new club in Belgium, K.F.C. Mandel United.

Miami, USA – April 2021 – Strive Football Group has acquired K.F.C. Mandel United.

Based in Izegem and currently competing in Belgium’s National Division I, the historic club (founded in 1926) is one of the oldest pro clubs in the country with more than 600 players.

For the Belgian club, the acquisition is extremely positive as it means reaching a new level by leaning on Strive Football Group’s strong expertise in developing football clubs.

The club’s former chairman, Paul Seynaeve, voiced his excitement for the club’s new chapter stating,

“This was the ideal way to perpetuate the future of Izegem football. Mandel United really wanted to further professionalize. With the know-how, the network and the financial contribution of Strive Football Group, we can look forward to the next level. For me this is the ultimate achievement after having led this great club for more than 15 years.”

The acquisition of this new club in a European country with a rich football culture, demonstrates Strive Football Group’s continued investment and expansion into global football and its strategy to develop clubs, players and academies, to share knowledge and resources across them.

Ravy Truchot, President of Strive Football Group, said:

“The acquisition of K.F.C. Mandel United accelerates our Group’s trajectory into becoming a global player in football development through an innovative cross-country and cross-platform approach. With the objective to be promoted to the Belgian Proximus League, the Group is providing players with the best development opportunities.”

Strive Football Group and its global network of integrated football initiatives of clubs and academies, is best known for its ownership of the International Center of European Football (theicef.com) with Academies and clubs in the United States, Europe and Africa. The group also owns and operates clubs as part of its global player development vision including FC Miami City in the U.S. and Grand Geneve FC in France.

The acquisition of K.F.C. Mandel United is fully part of Strive Football Group’s ambition to develop the best football talent, providing players with the best exposure opportunities worldwide. The Group already has other developments in progress to expand its network of clubs, furthering exposure opportunities to all youth players from all over the world.

Strive Football Group

Strive Football Group owns and operates several football-related initiatives globally, ranging from teams to academies to sports marketing activities and venture capital. With a mission to help young athletes and promising sports projects reach their full potential through a global network of integrated football initiatives, Strive Football Group is the leading private owner and operator of football clubs and academies.


K.F.C. Mandel United

K.F.C. Mandel United, a historic Belgian Football Club based in Izegem, is currently competing with more than 600 players in Belgium’s National Division I. K.F.C. Mandel United evolves in a dynamic landscape and benefits from the strong support of the local key stakeholders.

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