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Strive Football Group > News  > Advancing women’s football from grassroots to the higher levels of competition around the world

Advancing women’s football from grassroots to the higher levels of competition around the world

As a pioneer and innovator in football, Strive Football Group is consistently advancing and positioning itself as a pathway to success for female football players.

In Africa, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Senegal has broken ground in Sub-Saharan Africa, where it now offers three football programs open to girls in 2 major cities, Dakar, and Saly. These programs stand as beacons of innovation, especially for girls’ football, in a region where such opportunities are uncommon. This initiative not only paves the way for inclusivity but also sets a benchmark for sports education in the country.

In the USA and Canada, the growing number of girls joining the ranks of the PSG Academy demonstrates PSG and Strive’s commitment to expanding the women’s game in North America. This rise in participation not only signifies the growth but also reflects the increasing level of competition within the program.

Emanating prestige and excellence, the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Miami epitomizes the very essence of opportunity and elevated standards for female athletes.

Through a partnership with FC Miami City, Strive Football Group’s club competing in the prestigious USL W League, participants in the Girls Academy receive top-level training and unique exposure opportunities. This partnership offers them a pathway to pursue a football career not only in the USA but also in Europe.

The senior team of FC Miami City Women has experienced significant success in the past few seasons by reaching the playoffs and launching careers of exceptional talents. FC Miami City goalkeeper Kerly Theus played a pivotal role for the Haiti National Team in their qualification and participation in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup! Theus’s achievement stands as a shining example. Moreover, FC Miami City has a history of launching players’ careers and providing exposure, enabling them to accept offers to play both in Europe and domestically, whether at the USL or collegiate level.

In Europe, Thonon Evian Grand Genève FC’s women’s team has established itself in the D2 league, the second-highest echelon of women’s football in France. The club is not just a competitor at the national level but also a platform for talent from the youth academy.

Just last season, the women’s team recorded one of their best seasons, finishing 4th in their division and reaching the semi-final of the highly touted French Cup (Coupe de France). From the excellence recruitment of players to the development of youth such as promising forward Lucie Macel, the club has been a hub for nurturing ambitious players. Furthermore, players from FC Miami City have a direct path to the French club, as part of Strive Football Group’s mission of building bridges across the world through football.

In conclusion, Strive Football Group remains deeply committed to the development of women’s and girls’ football.  Strive Football Group continues to push boundaries, achieving notable advancements in the sport, showcasing an unwavering dedication to shaping the future of women’s soccer on a global scale.