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Strive Football Group > News  > Historic PSG Academy Senegal Championship concluded its inaugural season at The ICEF Africa!

Historic PSG Academy Senegal Championship concluded its inaugural season at The ICEF Africa!

The first ever youth championship in Senegal’s history, organized by PSG Academy Senegal, concluded after 4 months of competitions. With over 18 teams, 360+ players, and 4 age categories, PSG Academy Senegal collaborated with dozens of local and regional partners in creating a historical competition.

Each team played through group stages, and the best performing teams qualified for playoffs held at The ICEF Africa Campus in Saly. Supporters from across Senegal visited the sports complex and watched the most exciting teams compete for the final trophies. PSG Academy Senegal U13 played their final match against Generation Foot, one of the most well-known youth academies in Africa.

After the final whistles, individuals and collective trophies were awarded to the most outstanding performers in the presence of Ravy Truchot, President, and founder of Strive Football Group. Teams and coaches celebrated victories and insisted on the significance of having a legitimate competition to prepare for.

PSG Academy Senegal is proud to have offered exposure opportunities for youth players to display their skills in front of a wider audience, as well as giving incentives for teams to play with discipline. The Championship will resume next season with even more teams, and PSG Academy Senegal, with both their Saly and Dakar teams, is preparing to make an even stronger impact.