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Strive enters the esports and web3 spaces and launches the world’s first next generation professional football academies

By embracing change in a fast-paced world and at the heart of innovation, Strive Football Group is entering the Esports and Web3 spaces through different global educational projects, initiatives, partnerships, and investments.

For the first time ever at the global level, Strive Football Group is launching its next generation of professional football academies designed for elite athletes, integrating Esports and Web3 in tandem with professional football development.

The world’s leading pro academy, the International Center of European Football (The ICEF) in Europe will inaugurate a unique Strive Esports x Strive Web3 program starting in Fall 2022. Youth athletes will now be able to reach their full potential on the field while having an additional pathway to success through a pragmatic curriculum. The group is partnering with some of the top experts and acknowledged specialists in Esports and Web3 to equip elite athletes with deep, rare knowledge and strong expertise in next generation technologies.

Ravy Truchot, President of Strive Football Group, said:

Enabling each player to reach their maximum potential and producing the player of the future by empowering them to be successful on and off the field has always been the objective at Strive Football Group. Combined with professional football development, the Esports and Web3 program will bring athletes even further. They will develop a unique profile and have an even greater advantage either in professional football, the job market or in college as they will be empowered with knowledge to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Opening the program to student-athletes in Europe is the first step of a global development project which will soon see the Strive Esports and Web3 program offered at Strive Football Group’s professional academies and campuses in Africa and the USA.