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Strive Football Group > News  > The Strive Football Group Network Provides The ICEF Player A Professional Opportunity in the U.S.

The Strive Football Group Network Provides The ICEF Player A Professional Opportunity in the U.S.

Meet Pedro Adarillo: The ICEF Europe Player Fulfilling His Dreams in the U.S.

The connections available and opportunities provided through Strive Football Group’s global network continue to demonstrate the path built for players to advance to the collegiate and professional levels. FC Miami City, playing in the United Soccer League (USL), recently acquired player Pedro Adarillo from The International Center of European Football (ICEF) Europe, the world’s leading pro residency academies.

The ICEF and FC Miami City have a strong connection, as both are part of the Strive Football Group global network, which offers players many different opportunities to gain experience and reach the next level. Adarillo recognizes the benefits of Strive Football Group’s network as he explained, “Being part of the Strive Football Group and all the connections that we have helped me get to a new level. The support I received at the ICEF was great, and they put me in contact with many people.” During his time at the ICEF, Adarillo and his teammates trained with Thonon Evian Grand Genève FC, another Strive Football Group club playing at the highest level in Europe.

He is grateful for the opportunities available to him through the Group. Adarillo shared, “Now I am here playing for FC Miami City in one of the most competitive leagues in North America, and I think it is the best opportunity that I can have.” The USL is the top recruitment platform for Major League Soccer as over 72% of MLS players were drafted with USL experience. When asked about his future goals, Adarillo did not hesitate to share his plans. “My next step is going to a good college, getting my degree, and continuing to play so one day I can sign a pro contract. I think getting a degree nowadays is something really important for the future because after my career in football, I want to work in the sport industry,” explained Adarillo.

Strive Football Group is proud to offer these opportunities to elite players worldwide. The Group is committed to developing professional opportunities for players to advance to the next level through its network of clubs and academies. Thanks to Strive Football Group, Pedro Adarillo is living out his dreams of playing in the United States.